I’m Backing Britain

I’m backing Britain in the forthcoming European Union referendum.

I’m backing Britain to be the liberal, tolerant country that I’m proud of.

A Britain that is forward thinking, progressive and dynamic.

A Britain that judges people on what they contribute, not where they are born, the colour of their skin, gender, sexuality or any disability.

A Britain where a free press reports with impartiality and challenges those in authority as opposed to a handful of press barons having power over the Government.

A Britain that closes tax havens and is tough on tax evasion rather than paying lip service to the issue

A Britain that supports and protects those who need help rather than labelling them “scroungers”

A Britain that has a welfare system that is fair to all and cannot be taken advantage of

A Britain that offers the same safe harbour to those fleeing war and oppression as our previous generations had provided to those escaping Nazism.

A Britain that accepts that the fallen heroes of our grandparents’ generation died defeating Nazism rather than “Europe”

A Britain that has enjoyed the longest continuous period of peace with other European countries in its existence.

A Britain that learns from history in so much as Nationalism is not the solution and distinguishes between Nationalism and “National Pride”

A Britain that is made all the more interesting by the varied backgrounds of all the people that live in this country.

A Britain that has a strong flourishing economy, based on the contribution of all of the people that live here, an economy that takes strength from trading on a level playing field with our European partners

A Britain with a National Health Service that is the envy of the World but is over stretched due to under investment over successive generations and a country whose population is thankfully living longer owing to a general improvement in National Health rather than just blaming immigrants, without whom the service would not be able to operate.

A Britain whose citizens have the same freedom of movement to work and travel around the Continent as citizens from other European countries.

A Britain whose people have the same rights and protection as other European people.

A Britain that enjoys the same low cost air travel, reduction in mobile phone charges and credit card charges that all European countries benefit from.

A Britain where Nigel Farage goes back to being a golf club bore, Boris Johnson returns to being an affable buffoon on panel shows and they stop poisoning the country with dangerous divisive rhetoric.

A United Kingdom that celebrates all regions of the nation and is a leader in Europe because of its strength and not Little England isolated from the Rest of the World.


That is the Britain that I am backing in the referendum, a nation I am proud of. I want MY Britain back.

About Graeme

Just over 40 and happy hubby/parent with a fondness for saucy British humour, especially Carry On Films. Nickname of Gremlin aquired at school prior to the film of the same name came out and stayed with me ever since, which I'm rather chuffed about.
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