A Bit Of A Hitch

So it’s finally been announced. Royal chopper racer to marry common bird. And she’s got her finger in her late mother in law’s ring (no, not like that) and everyone remembers the big event 30 years ago. How times have moved on, don’t you all recollect? Millions out of work, Government slashing costs, riots and protests, fears over the economy, ah, what a hard time we lived in! However, a good Royal Wedding was on hand to boost the morale of the Nation, how we applauded, how we shared the love and marvelled at a rather crushed dress. Did we care how much it all cost? Naa, we didn’t as long as it looked the biz.

Well, this time around hopefully things ARE a little different. Despite the nation owning the Royals we can’t expect to fork out for a wedding for one of the richest families in the land. (As an aside note, I bet Mr Middleton is counting his blessings that the old tradition of the father of the bride having to fork out for his Gal’s nuptials is likely to be overlooked on this occasion.) We are constantly being told that this country is broke and are slashing £7 billion out of the public services budgets. Coincidently, this is the same figure that the banks are paying in bonuses to their staff this year and the amount of dosh we are lending Ireland to bail them out of the doggy doo. But anyway, we’re bankrupt. Apparently. So the wedding will reflect the times. Lambrusco all round and pork pies off paper plates presumably. Meanwhile, the banks will give Bollinger to their staff and the Government will be feeding the Irish lightly roasted swans.

Anyway, I’m sure Cameron and his Commoners will be hoping that the Royal Wedding lifts the spirits of the Country just as much as the last one. Except this time round we are all a lot more cynical and in the age of 24 hour rolling news we are sick to the back teeth of it already.

About Graeme

Just over 40 and happy hubby/parent with a fondness for saucy British humour, especially Carry On Films. Nickname of Gremlin aquired at school prior to the film of the same name came out and stayed with me ever since, which I'm rather chuffed about.
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2 Responses to A Bit Of A Hitch

  1. George Hutchinson says:

    I eagerly await the memorabilia that will no doubt flood the marketing channels.
    Will we get the traditional mugs and plates and commerative gold coins?
    Will we be able to go to B&Q to buy a special Royal wedding shelf kit?
    Or will it now be be a set of commerative ‘apps’ for you iPhone such as as winking prince or a kissing couple icon?
    What will we able to download to our iPod, iPad, iPhone, iLid, iSpy?
    Clearly the wedding is a positive as it is bound to inspire a truly a modern day marketing extravaganza

  2. Graeme says:

    Or do as Private Eye suggest and paint over the same old tat that came out 30 years ago?

    Either way, some sleazy arsehole is going to make money from this and I’m not referring to the manager of the Duchy of Cornwall on this occasion.

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